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Our Vision

Become the global app of choice for team-based competitions

Our Mission

Improve student outcomes for opportunity youth

Our Product

Provide a simple, intuitive motivation tool for school, work, and life


Super Easy to Use

Team Excel allows users to setup online leagues where teams compete based on customer defined success metrics. Build a competition in minutes! 

Customized Metrics and Branding

The platform was designed with simplicity and customization in mind. Custom metrics allow you to simply assign a label and point allocation, and you are ready to compete. You can also upload your company logo and use the color palette to give the platform the feel of your own brand.

A Culture of Giving

Team Excel is a proud Virginia Benefit Corporation and is true to our mission of supporting education and opportunity youth. When you purchase Team Excel subscriptions, you are enabling us to provide our software to low-income schools at no cost!


The company also has a donor advised fund that provides grants to low-income schools and educational programs. The fund is administered by The Community Foundation of Greater Richmond. Click here to learn more or support.


Team Excel helps schools and universities improve student success by keeping metrics such as grades and attendance top of mind


Businesses and nonprofits use

Team Excel to reinforce behaviors that

lead to improved performance


Friends and colleagues use Team Excel for anything from motivation around fitness, to plain old fun around sports picks

Contact Us

Team Excel, Inc.

1717 E. Carty St.

Richmond, VA 23223


p. (804) 677-3694

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