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We believe that changing lives is a team sport. Read about some of the people that make up our team.


The National Team Excel League is comprised of organizations that consist of schools, sports teams, youth organizations, college athletic departments, and more. If your organization works with middle school, high school or college age students, you can join the National Team Excel League.


An integral aspect of youth development is inclusion of the family unit. The Team Excel platform is designed to increase engagement among the circle of supporters to include parents, guardians, family members, coaches, etc. This village and team approach is critical.


If you are an individual or group that is interested in impacting the lives of youth or young adults, Team Excel has opportunities for you to participate in various ways. Whether you serve as an on-going team leader that participates in group mentoring, you facilitate a workshop, or host a field trip, our technology platform makes it easy for you to engage.


Corporations have the human and financial resources to ensure all of our Team Excel affiliates and students have the resources they need to be successful. Team Excel also understands the power of effective cause marketing and the power of building mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners.



Team Excel gamifies success metrics to motivate students and improve in categories such as grades, attendance, and referrals. In addition to increasing academic motivation, Team Excel focuses on life skills, career exploration and service learning. This supports the overall goal of developing servant leaders.


To accomplish this, we work with schools, universities, and organizations that are interested in ways to improve student outcomes and enhance their civic engagement. 


Healthy competition and incentives can be a fun way to motivate students to excel in their academic performance. Team Excel is designed to move students from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation as they move through their Team Excel experience.  

The importance of Life Skills cannot be overstated. When talking with employers, they constantly reinforce the need to hire individuals that have the life skills to work effectively on a team. Team Excel has created the PlayBook for Success which is a unique way to ensure students actually apply the life skills they learn, in real life situations.

The ultimate objective of Team Excel is to develop servant leaders that will address and solve social issues around the globe. In our three step process, Team Excel starts with character develop, then service, and finishes with leadership. At the end of this journey students should be prepared to tackle the social issues that are important to them and their communities. 

Our Mission

The mission of Team Excel is to improve student outcomes and increase volunteerism among youth and young adults around the world.


Our goal to accomplish the following milestones by 2023:



If you are a school, sports team, youth organization, non-profit, college, corporation, or an individual interested in getting involved, please complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.